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    I didn’t know much about Chiropractic other then for the couple of times I went to see a Chiropractor for your typical pain relief. I didn’t at the time know there was anything different. In talking to Dr. French I knew this was going to be different, he educated me on the wellness of my spine and that my condition (I have had scoliosis since the age of 11) did not have to be a permanent thing, that it could be corrected and I could maintain my active lifestyle pain free (could this be true). My lower back pain was a normal way of life for me as well as only getting 8-10 hours of sleep a week; I truly thought this was how I would live my life. Boy was I wrong.

    Just after a few adjustments to my amazement my lower back pain went away and I could run 3-5 miles at a time pain free. My sleeping patterns have improved 100%. I too had experienced many headaches each week and these to are gone. I feel like a new person.
    But not only did he help me with these issue, he also in his education and teaching of full mind, body and spirit did I too see other changes in myself that I had not seen in years. I feel more confident in my life with choices that I make. Dr. French helped me see in myself that I could get through anything good or bad with the right mindset and attitude.
    I have never felt more alive then now. I thank god every day for putting Dr. French into my life. I thank Dr. French when I am running each mile for helping me get myself back and being able to run those miles pain free.

    • Are you ready to change your life?

      This is a very important question if you are a patient in the office of Dr. French. Whether you are ready to change your life or not, it is going to change and for the better.

      I have been a patient of chiropractic for as long as I can remember. My father was close friends with an area chiropractor, and I remember being adjusted from time to time as a child. In college, I fell 7 feet and landed on my tailbone. I remember that as being a defining turning point in the strength of my back and overall pain level. I would see the family chiropractic during periods of severe pain, but he never recommended treating me for more than symptom relief.

      This cycle feeling ‘Ok” (not great mind you, just ok) and being in pain continued from 1983 to the fall of 1990. Throughout these years, the time between flair-ups became shorter and shorter, and the intensity of the pain increased. I had moved to another part of the state, and was seeing a different chiropractor, but he was still only treating me when I was in severe pain.

      In the fall of 1990, I started to experience burning and pain in my legs and feet. I constantly felt as if I was getting a Charlie horse in my calves, I too had a constant pain in my gluteal muscles. I became increasingly twisted in my posture and the pain was becoming unbearable. By Christmas of that year, the intensity of the pain had become unbearable. I could barley drive. I often could not sense the need to use the bathroom, and my legs would quiver when I in the shower from the hot water. Over the New Years holiday, the pain was so severe that I made a trip to the ER-only to be told that I was just seeking drugs and there was nothing wrong with me.

      My chiropractor then sent me for an MRI, just to rule out a serious problem. I had the test on Monday and Tuesday was ordered home and to bed because I had a severe disk herniation. On February 11, 1991 I underwent disk surgery to remove 75% of the disk between L5 and S1.

      The Surgery solved the immediate problem and I felt better (still not great). I never returned to my pervious energy level, flexibility or range of motion, and I would still experience periods of severe pain. Then in 1999, I met Dr. French and began a business relationship. As I went in and out of their office, I started to notice a different approach to chiropractic. They were not just interested in eliminating pain; their goal was to make people well. Eventually, I decided that I would try this different approach to chiropractic care.

      In addition to my back pains, I was taking 2-3 Prilosec per day just to be able to function and sleep through the night, and I would consume more than a bottle of Tylenol per month to keep the headaches under control. I also had constant colds, and suffered from pneumonia four times in a two year period. I never strayed too far from my inhaler.

      As Dr. French would talk to me about the 6 facets of health, I began to think about the things he taught, but about the spiritual and holistic aspects of my life that could be affected by my overall health, and vise versa. I wanted to have energy and the ability to concentrate,I wanted to be free from pain and have the ability to enjoy life.

      At Dr. French’s office, I found the key too many things I wanted in my life. I found fellowship and friendship in an environment that allowed me to nurture the person, I want to be. I found the opportunities through different programs to learn about new ways to improve my health through yoga, regular exercise, and improved nutrition. I learned about incredible life benefits of a simple thing called water, all of this delivered in a environment full of positive energy and genuine concern for the people and the quality if their lives.

      Do I still get sick sometimes? Yes, but I have noticed that the length of my illness is significantly decreased and I have not had any of the serious respiratory problems I had previously experienced. I have not used Prilosec or an inhalator in more the 3 years. I don’t have so much as a bottle of Tylenol in my house. One day I went into the office with a stuffed head and cold, I was tired, listless and could not put together a coherent thought; 30 minutes after my adjustment, I suddenly realized that I had and incredible amount of energy was thinking clearly, and I felt significantly better. Now try to get that out of a bottle of Nyquil.

      I remember holding Dr. French’s son when he was 3-4 months old, and wondering what he would think of his father. Would he as a teenager understand the positive life force his father delivers to people, and would he respect his father’s ability to help people change their lives?

      I cannot provide the answers to that question today. But I can tell this much, if you want to improve the quality of your life, the office of Dr. French can provide a catalyst for you. Dr. French can’t do it for you; you have to do it for yourself. But I can tell you that the environment in their office will facilitate, foster and empower your journey. There is a life force within those walls that is infectious in the most positive of ways. I hope that you believe in yourself enough to take the walk inside, and be open to the power that can be unleashed within you.

      • No Migraines.it’s Amazing!

        It all started about a year and a half ago, I would get migraines, they would be so bad that I couldn’t work, I couldn’t function, didn’t want to do anything buy lay down in a dark quiet room, they got worse as time went on, and I went to the doctor, he prescribed me some medication that at first helped, then after a few weeks it didn’t seem to help anymore, actually the one time I took it the headache just got worse, and I had severe pain.

        The doctor sent me for tests, I had a CT scan, blood work, saw a neurologist, and had some tests done by the neurologist. All the test results came back normal, and it was good that I knew there wasn’t a serious problem but I didn’t know why I kept having the migraines if everything was so called “normal”. Then in March of this year I had a few terrible days in a row, I took a medical leave from work for 4 days, and it helped to get rest, but the headaches were pretty much coming every day now, and nothing seemed to help.

        I was prescribed several different medications, and the doctor wanted me to take something daily to prevent the migraines, but I didn’t want to be on daily medication, but I really didn’t think I had much of a choice. I went to part time at work instead of full time because I was missing too much work to save my job I went from 40 hours a week, 4 ten hour days, down to 32 hours a week, 4 eight hour days.

        I still struggled as I was in so much pain, and my Uncle Paul suggested I try to go to his chiropractor. He gave me the phone number, and I thought, how would a chiropractor help me? I had no idea how much and how quickly it would help. I made an appointment, I had a test done, and then after my first week of adjustments, I had no migraines, it is amazing.I am now on no medication and for the past 2 months I have had only 2 migraines, not every day.

        I would wake up with a headache every day, and getting to work was a struggle, now I have no problem getting to work everyday. I feel so much better and it’s all thanks to Dr. French. If there is anyone else that I knew had a problem even similar to mine I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to see Dr. French.

        The adjustments have helped me tremendously, and I couldn’t say thank you enough, to Uncle Paul for referring me, and to Dr. French for the adjustments, and for helping me understand why I had the headaches all the time. I honestly had no idea that what happens with my back and neck could affect my headaches. I would strongly suggest anyone go see a chiropractor, it’s amazing how much they can help you.

        • Two Years of Wellness!

          Here it is just a little over 2 years since I walked into your office doors, quite the skeptic, if you recall. For a quick recap on my history with Dr. French, I had come to the office in despair over a horrible pain in my hip area that kept me from all my favorite activities. I was not able to walk through the grocery store without experiencing horrible pain and could never get comfortable sitting, lying down or standing Upon my first visit, I told, Dr. French, that I wasn’t interested in hearing about how chiropractic could do so much for my general health as well as help my body heal itself.

          I told you that I would give you just so much time to fix this and that I had been through it all. Other chiropractors, physicians, physical therapy, to no avail. Then the surprising thing happened that really put my hip pain into context. I lost my vision in my right eye to MS and a whole other world of issues opened up to me. You were so wonderful to me at that time, helping me to deal with the emotional aspects if having a chronic and debilitating disease with no set pattern or outcome. And with your therapy, my vision improved twice as fast as my neurologist expected. Those healing hands are wonderful!!

          So here I am, just over 2 years later, having been through NO MORE RELAPSES and a follow-up MRI that shows no more brain lesions than when I started this disease course. My vision is back to about 98%, my hip pain is gone most of the time, and when it is there, it certainly no longer holds me back.

          I am so much better off, 2 years later!!!!
          Not only has my disease stabilized and my pain ceased, but emotionally I am more well than ever. I am more able to handle stress in my life, my anxiety levels have drastically decreased, and because of these changes, I have found my life partner and will be married this November.