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Pregnancy Care

Are you wondering if chiropractic adjustments are safe during pregnancy? To begin with, yes, it is highly beneficial to get your spine checked while you are pregnant. You’ve probably noticed that, your body is going through many changes, and these alterations will continue as the pregnancy progresses. A subtle change is your body’s increased production of the hormone elastin. This hormone is designed to relax the tendons in the pelvis. this easing gives the pelvis more flexibility during the birthing process to make delivering the baby easier.

This process, despite the fact that its function is to assist the mother during labor, can create a lot of back pain in the months leading up to the birth. As the pregnancy advances, more elastin is released, which allows the pelvis to become increasingly more unstable. In combination with the increased size of the baby and uterus, and you have the formula for severe low back pain. As an Chicago Chiropractor I see many pregnant women in my practice in my clinic for a variety of symptoms, but usually it is for their low back pain.

A bonus to seeing a chiropractor routinely during your pregnancy is that there is proof that it can actually decrease labor time. Why is that you ask? Simply put, if the pelvis is where it needs to be, the muscles contracting during the labor process are more efficient and won’t have to strain against misaligned joints.

In answer to the second question above, by all means chiropractic care during your pregnancy is safe. Chiropractic is not only safe and beneficial in relieving the low back pain associated with pregnancy, but other symptoms like heartburn, nausea, swelling, and so on. In addition, should the need arise, a trained chiropractor can assist a mother who has a breached baby. This is done by using the Webster Technique, a low force technique to manipulate the uterus and get the baby into the proper presentation for delivery. Additional information on the Webster Technique can easily be found online.

In summation, not only is chiropractic safe for pregnant women, it is also very beneficial in helping with the symptoms associated with their pregnancy. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend that you go to see a good local chiropractor, or if you live or work in the area, look up your Chiropractor. We can make you feel a lot more comfortable during your pregnancy, and we can even make the labor process easier.