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Two Years of Wellness!

calender  May 19, 2015     post by  sfrench     comment  Comment

Here it is just a little over 2 years since I walked into your office doors, quite the skeptic, if you recall. For a quick recap on my history with Dr. French, I had come to the office in despair over a horrible pain in my hip area that kept me from all my favorite activities. I was not able to walk through the grocery store without experiencing horrible pain and could never get comfortable sitting, lying down or standing Upon my first visit, I told, Dr. French, that I wasn’t interested in hearing about how chiropractic could do so much for my general health as well as help my body heal itself.

I told you that I would give you just so much time to fix this and that I had been through it all. Other chiropractors, physicians, physical therapy, to no avail. Then the surprising thing happened that really put my hip pain into context. I lost my vision in my right eye to MS and a whole other world of issues opened up to me. You were so wonderful to me at that time, helping me to deal with the emotional aspects if having a chronic and debilitating disease with no set pattern or outcome. And with your therapy, my vision improved twice as fast as my neurologist expected. Those healing hands are wonderful!!

So here I am, just over 2 years later, having been through NO MORE RELAPSES and a follow-up MRI that shows no more brain lesions than when I started this disease course. My vision is back to about 98%, my hip pain is gone most of the time, and when it is there, it certainly no longer holds me back.

I am so much better off, 2 years later!!!!
Not only has my disease stabilized and my pain ceased, but emotionally I am more well than ever. I am more able to handle stress in my life, my anxiety levels have drastically decreased, and because of these changes, I have found my life partner and will be married this November.

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