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The Pregnant Patient..

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During pregnancy, a number of body changes occur to the expectant mother, some physiological (changes in body chemistry and loosening of the ligaments) and endocrinological (hormonal). These changes occur for the purpose of creating an optimal environment for developing the baby and well being for the mother. During pregnancy, most women experience a number of biomechanical and neuromuscular problems which respond favorably to gentle safe chiropractic treatment, along with massage and exercise instruction.

Approximately 90% of pregnant women experience back pain. Although the majority experience back pain in their last trimester, studies have showed that symptoms often begin by the twelfth week.

Risk factors for low back pain during pregnancy include previous back problems, increased weight gain, age, and multiparty (having had more than one child). Neck and back pain primarily occur as a result of increased weight gain, change in the distribution of weight thereby causing an increased demand on the spinal and pelvic muscles. These stresses also alter the normal spinal curves and related biomechanics. The result is increased physical stress to the body leading to pain and discomfort.

 Chiropractic is a primary health care profession that deals with a wide variety of these types of musculoskeletal disorders. All functions of the body are controlled by the nervous system. This system consists of the brain, spinal cord, nerve roots and all nerves in your body. These delicate structures are protected by the spinal column and pelvis. Any of these bones can lose their normal alignment and may contribute to the above symptoms. Additional symptoms include headaches, nausea or insomnia.

There is a large amount of research supporting the efficacy of chiropractic during pregnancy. The results of some of these studies are summarised below:

  • Women who receive chiropractic adjustments in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy were able to carry and deliver children with more comfort. (1)
  • The need for pain killers during delivery is reduced by up to a half. (2)
  • Approximately 91% of pregnant women with sacroiliac joint pain achieved relief with manipulation. (3)
  • Almost 3 times less back pain was experienced during labor when

manipulation was administered during pregnancy. (4)

  • Women had a positive response to chiropractic treatment for pre and post partum symphysis pubis dysfunction. (5)

(1) American Medicine Association records released in 1987 during the trial in US District Court Northern Illinois Eastern Division, NO. 76C3777.

(2) Freitag, Per: – Expert testimony of Pertag M.D., Ph.D. Comparing the results of two neighbouring hospitals, U.S District Court Northern Illinois Eastern Division, No.76C3777, May 1987.

(3) Daley et al, (1991) Sacroiliac Subluxation: a common treatable cause of low back pain in pregnancy. Fam Prac ResJ, 11 (2) 149-159.

(4) Diakow, PR. Et al (1991) Back Pain during pregnancy and labour. JMPT 14 (2): 116-8

(5) Andrew & Pedersen (2003) A study into the effectiveness of Chiropractic treatment for pre and postpartum women with symphysis pubis dysfunction, Eur J of Chiropractic 48, 77-95.

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